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Brantford Rotary Classic

On April 27, 2014 was an absolutely beautiful day to lace up and go for a run. Since I have started covering the Brantford Rotary Classic two years ago in Brantford, ON.

I have been welcomed by an amazing community of schools, families and business owners.

I love the atmosphere on race day.

Families surrounding each other wishing all a good race, friends catching up, small chat and runners chat. I watch these athletes as they mentally prepare for what they about to put their body and mind through during a 10km or 5km run.

It starts with a stay limber bounce, a pat down of all things necessary before they take off, laces are tied, watches on the right setting, water bottles in place, ponytails, headbands, sunglasses, music..CHECK… CHECK and CHECK.

They take their stance, position their hand on their watch, they take a sideways glance at the person beside them, they say a quiet prayer and BANG… They are off after a synchronized beep of hundreds of watches go in motion with their owners. Straight towards me as I leap out of the way.

See your race Photos Here

If you missed the finish line excitement, here are the first few runners crossing the line.

Thank you Brantford Rotary Classic for having me out again this year to photograph this amazing event and congratulations to all the runners that raised donations and trained for this race.


Kara Wilson



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