The Rise Fitness Centre Open House March 2016

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Coach Tyrell and Coach DJ

The Rise Fitness Center hosted an Open House during March Break with great success. The Rise offered a variety of classes such as Yoga, TRX and boot camps throughout the week from 9am-7pm. The Rise also hosted a Basketball Camp with the help of David Johnson, Pro Skills Trainer, Tyrell Vernon, Mississauga NBL Power Basketball Team and Kelly Van Leeuwen former Captain at Niagara University, and former St. John’s College Student.

As a special treat to wrap up an amazing week, Q-Mack inspired a gymnasium full of guests with tips and freestyle tricks. Q-Mack engaged with the audience with inspiring “Q-isms” that helped build confidence by not being afraid of failure and always doing your best. There was a clear message with humorous undertones that success comes with practise, hard work and being fearless when trying something new.

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